Guidance for application & tax ruling

On 16 August 2016 a new tax circular issued for guidance on the procedure for issuing tax rulings from the Cyprus Tax Department office. The new tax circular (2016/13) is in addition to the existing tax circular (2015/13).

The new circular clarified:

  1. The fees for the issue of the tax rulings
    1. Tax rulings – opinion to be issued within 21 working days €2.000
    2. Tax rulings – opinion to be issued based on chronological order €1.000
  1. The way to apply for a ruling
    1. You should do the payment first through JCC
    2. You should complete standardized form Τ.Φ 219/2016
    3. You should prepare the letter with the opinion of the taxpayer posting reference to relevant laws and circulars as per guidance of tax circular 2015/13
    4. You should send all the above through email to the tax department in pdf format, together with an additional word copy of form Τ.Φ 219/2016 — only electronic applications are accepted
  1. The meaning of advance cross border ruling
  1. The period that the ruling applies. The ruling applies given that the data and circumstances used to describe the situation apply and there is not any change in the legislation or issue of a tax circular that affect the issued tax ruling.