Our Consultancy Services Department provides a wide range of professional services which are tailored to support both international and local clients who elect to outsource specific accounting and administration processes.

Our team of highly trained and suitably qualified accounting professionals, recognize the specific needs of our clients and offer an extensive range of accounting and administrative services, providing the necessary assistance and professional support to enable our clients to operate their business enterprises efficiently and effectively.


• Maintenance of statutory books and records
• Development and preparation of monthly, quarterly and yearly management accounts and other management reports
• Preparation of annual statutory financial statements under International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
• Registration to the VAT and Income Tax authorities
• Preparation and submission of quarterly VAT returns
• Provision of VIES and INTRASTAT services


• Registration of the company (as an employer) and its employees to the authorities
• Collecting employees’ details
• Liaising with the income tax authorities and the Department of Social Insurance
• Effecting payments to employees and Government Authorities
• Preparing tax returns and all other relevant forms and returns